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Switzerland Serenity - A Room Transformed
A peek at Mural Artist & Faux Finish Expert Lisa Bryant

YourVilla Magazine Features Lisa Bryant
as the Premier Mural Artist & Faux Painting
Expert of Southern California!

Just watch this quick expose video of the
Switzerland SerenityA Room Transformed”,
and you will quickly understand why Lisa Bryant has earned
the admiration of her clients, the respect of her piers
and the status of being one of the
foremost experts in mural and faux finish painting.

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Switzerland Serenity – A Room Transformed

A peek at Mural Artist & Faux Finish Expert Lisa Bryant

Deborah and Mike Andrews were fascinated with the idea of improving their home with painted texture. After seeking out Lisa and viewing her work, they commissioned Lisa to do faux finish in multiple places in their home.  A conversation began about a mural when Deborah mentioned how much she loved Lisa’s ethereal sky ceiling murals.  Lisa inquired about a time in their life with good memories and they mentioned wonderful feelings of having lived in Switzerland. Lisa took notes on all the things they like… the beautiful Chateau Chillon Castle, the cows, rolling hills, flowers, seagulls and trees. Lisa formulated the plan to transform their room into a 360 degree mural of all the wonderful scenes of Switzerland. It would start with an Italian villa three-dimensional plaster look on one of the walls that looks like it was pealed away to reveal these amazing scenes. Lisa drafted a two-part water color sketch, of the scene scaled to the exact size of the room.  Lisa and Deborah then collaborated on edits and changes and agreed to move forward.

The sitting room has now been transform into a Switzerland wonderland.  “This mural makes me feel like I am in Switzerland again,” says Deborah Andrews, “It’s truly a masterpeice and we are honored to have a Lisa Bryant original.”

About Lisa: Lisa Bryant is a descendant of Eugene Delacroix and has studied art at El Camino College, Long Beach State, and mentored under great artists like George Lyn, Mike MacNeil (the “World Renowned Freeman” of faux marbling), as well as Lisa’s mother (who was an accomplished artist). Lisa is now an expert artist and faux finish tradesman and is the perfect choice for your personal masterpeice.

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