Faux Panting Process

by Lisa Bryant


Del Mar Faux Finish painting is something you cannot simply use a single term for and accurately describe what technique you are talking about. Since Lisa is skilled in many varieties of techniques and is able to create multiple textures and looks, we have given a small description below of some of those looks.lisa-bryant-faux-finishes-marbleharth



Marbleizing or faux marbling is a technique used to make walls, objects and furniture look like real marble. Lisa may choose to do this using plaster or glaze techniques.

Fresco is a simple technique where Lisa uses mixtures of tint and joint compound to add mottled color and subtle texture to plain walls.

Color wash is a free-form finish Lisa can use to create subtle variations of color with multiple hues of glaze blended together with a paint brush.

Strié, from the French for “stripe” or “streak”, is a glazing technique that when done correctly creates soft thin streaks of color using often achieved by the use of a paint brush. Lisa has used this as a technique to simulate fabrics such as linen and denim.

lisa-bryant-faux-finishes-trailorRag painting or ragging is a glazing technique using twisted or bunched up rags to create a textural pattern. Lisa is a master at this and creates absolutely beautiful designs.

Sponging is a free-form finish achieved by applying glaze to the wall by dabbing a sea sponge. Lisa uses this technique quite often in creating various shapes to achieve either a simple design or much more sophisticated ones.

Graining, wood graining, or faux bois (French for “fake wood”) is often used to imitate exotic or hard-to-find wood varieties.

Trompe l’oeil, “fool the eye” in French, is a realistic painting technique often used in murals and Lisa will use this to sometimes create architectural details and depth as well as 3 dimensionality.

Venetian plaster is a smooth and often shiny plaster design that Lisa will use to make it appear textured but is smooth to the touch. Venetian plaster is one of the more popular and traditional plaster décor options used for this effect. If you want to get real and Authentic… the true Venetian Plaster is made from marble dust and ground up limestone.


quotesWhile the end result of a faux finish paint job can be a very beautiful wall mural or marble finish, the process is one that is not in any way easy.  Lisa Bryant has been developing her craft and Faux Finish painting skills for many years. Lisa has studied many styles and techniques that make her a leader in her craft. Here you can see some of the projects’ before and after to help understand the process.

Del Mar Faux painting or Del Mar  faux finishing are terms used to describe decorative paint finishes that replicate the appearance of materials such as marble, wood or stone. The term comes from the French word faux, meaning false, as these techniques started as a form of replicating materials such as marble and wood with paint, but has subsequently come to encompass many other decorative finishes for walls and furniture including simulating recognizable textures and surfaces.

About Lisa Bryant and Newport Beach Faux Finish Painting

Drawing and painting have been an integral part of Lisa’s life since she was five. While much of Lisa’s art training and influence comes from her mother, an accomplished artist, Lisa also diligently studied her craft. She studied with George Lin, a noted water colorist and professor of art in China. She also studied art at El Camino College earning certification in:lisa-bryant-faux-finishes ceiling faux finish

Advanced Wall Finishes Del Mar ;

Advanced Designer Walls Del Mar;

Various Venetian plasters Del Mar;

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and Advanced Surfaces in Del Mar.

Lisa paints extensively in Temecula, La Cresta, De Luz, Bear Creek, Escondido, Newport Beach, Del Mar and Corona among many other areas, including Sedona, Arizona where she did several commissioned murals.

Lisa comes from an artistic family. Her ancestry traces back to Eugene Delacroix. Her mother, Odette Beckley, is an accomplished oil painter, water colorist and an award winning China painter. Her brother, son and daughter all paint and have been recognized for their work.

Lisa resides in Temecula with her husband, Robert, and her four children.

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